Season 1 of Armchair Detectives consists of 20 episodes.

The season premiered on November 20, 2017.

The show is hosted by Scottish Comedian Susan Calman.

Plot overview Edit

The show sees 15 murder mystery lovers solving murders taking place in the fictional seaside town of Mortcliff in the comfort of armchairs in the studio. Three armchair detectives play each day leaving all the armchair detectives 4 murders to solve. Calman has no idea of the details of that days murder or who the killer is and plays along with the contestants.

The contestants are guided through 5 rounds: the crime scene, last movements, police interviews, dig deeper and final clues. Each round starts with a taped piece giving the detectives clued to help solve the crime after which the detectives discuss what they found interesting in their findings. The taped pieces follow lead investigator DI Knight, his partner DS Slater and Scene Of Crime Officer (SOCO) Simmons as they investigate the crime. The officers are seen in all crimes in the series.

Also in each round, the detectives are given a piece of key evidence which could help them solve the crime.In round 1, the evidence is given to them by Susan but in rounds 2-5, the detectives must choose what evidence they want to look at from a choice of three with a new piece of evidence introduced in the following round the replace the one chosen previously. In the final round, there is no new evidence added and there are only two options for the detectives to choose from. The piece of evidence not chosen is revealed by Susan after the detectives have made their final accusation.

At the end of rounds 2-5, the detectives are given one minute to write in the notebook who they believe their prime suspect of being killer is at that point. They can choose the suspects revealed at the point whether they seen them or the suspects have been mentioned but yet to be seen in the taped pieces.

At the end of Round 5, the detectives must accuse one of their suspects as the killer. If their final accusation correct, they win a golden magnifying glass. If they are incorrect, they the detective wins nothing even if they have named the killer as a prime suspect in previous rounds. There can be more than one winner.

The Armchair Detectives Edit

The 15 Armchair detectives in this series are:

Roger - Writes Murder mystery novels.

Kathryn - A recently retired librarian whose favorite fictional detective is Lord Peter Wimsey.

Wisdom - A children's entertainer.

Ellouise - Likes to know what everyone is up to.

Dipak - Took part in a management interrogation course.

Audrey - Is suspicious of people being too nice.

Charley - is a former police detective and the husband of fellow armchair detective Laura.

Bola - is a business consultant

Simon - is a tour guide







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